How to Buy New Clothes and Save Money

How to Buy New Clothes and Save Money

Saving money and buying new clothes rarely seems possible. With styles and colours changing rapidly we find ourselves spending a fortune on new clothes trying to keep up with the trends.

The Facts

Australian Spending Habits reveal the average Australian under 35 spending upwards of $80 a month on clothing. This level of spending can severely impact your ability to save money while looking good.

Lennox Label has created Australia's first Premium Plain T-shirt subscription service 'The Lennox Label Club' to help men stay on trend with the latest colours and styles while budgeting their yearly clothing spend.

Lennox Label Club

Lennox Label Club starts at $30 a month which gets you 25% off their full priced tees with a fresh premium t-shirt in either white, black or an on trend colour every month. The subscription offers Free Shipping for all members and further discounts if you need more than one t-shirt a month.


We all want to look good and wear nice clothes. After all nothing feels better than slipping on a brand new t-shirt, but we also know that the feeling of looking good comes at a great cost to our bank account. Lennox Label Club is one small solution to the problem helping you budget your clothing spend and guarantee that you are staying up to date with the latest in trends.


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