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Shocking Study Reveals Aussie Men Waste 4 Days a Year Just Choosing Outfits!

Busy and intelligent men look for ways to make their life easier, reducing the time spent on tedious tasks. Men are spending 4 days a year just deciding what to wear.

Simplifying your wardrobe to premium plain t-shirts that suit all occasions and go with everything, will give you back more time, in your busy life.

We know that men are simple, when we find a good t-shirt its all we want and all we need, so why waste hours searching for your next one.

Spend 78 seconds now, choose your style, size, colour and how often you want to receive your tees and we handle the rest.

We will send you a reminder when your next t-shirt is coming so you can change your colour or style and if you aren't ready for a t-shirt that month, pause, cancel or skip.

If you can't decide on a colour, we don't blame you. They change monthly and there are over 50 of them. Select our trendy option, and we’ll send you the hottest colours of the season.

And if you're not completely satisfied with your order, our 100% money-back guarantee has you covered. We also offer free exchanges for different sizes, styles, or colours – because we're committed to getting it just right.

  • Subscribe

    Select your style, colour, size and frequency and you're done!

  • Delivered

    Shipped free and straight to your door around the same time every month.

  • Manage

    Change t-shirt colour, size & style or cancel, pause or skip order in your account.

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Turning Ordinary Dads into DILFs

It's no secret that men want to look good without all the diets, gym sessions and spending an arm and a leg. So we designed a t-shirt that costs less than a day pass to a gym and is tailored to make men look better.

Our ultra-soft, cotton masterpiece is like a secret weapon for the everyday bloke. It’s the wingman of t-shirts – knows not to show off the beer belly and keeps everything else looking great. We got the length right, throw your arms up in victory (or to grab another beer) – no gut spills out the bottom.

Tailored to make you look a tad more like a rockstar and a bit less like a couch potato. And talk about endurance – wash it, abuse it, pull it out in the cold and it still doesn't shrink. It’s the Swiss Army Knife in your closet arsenal; pairs with anything, ready for everything. Not just a tee – it's your ticket to a better life.

  • Premium Quality

    Each tee is made from the finest 100% ringspun and combed cotton, ensuring a feel-good fit that lasts.

  • Tailored Fit

    Designed with the Australian man in mind, our tees promise a flattering fit for every body type.

  • Preshrunk Perfection

    Our tees are pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage and maintain shape, wash after wash.

  • Built to Last

    With shoulder-to-shoulder tape and double-needle hems, our t-shirts offer exceptional durability and longevity.

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Top Australian Financial Commentator Describes Lennox Label as the Netflix of T-Shirts

Effie Zahos dubbed us the 'Netflix for T-shirts.' Remember the hassle of driving to a video store, renting a movie, only to find it lacklustre, then returning it and wasting time and money in the process? Netflix revolutionised this by bringing movies directly to your living room, available anytime without leaving your couch. Pause your subscription whenever and resume when ready. Life before Netflix seems unimaginable now.

Now, apply that convenience to your wardrobe. What if you never had to shop for t-shirts again? With our service, we send you trending colors, or you can choose your own. Change your size, style, or delivery frequency whenever you want. And unlike Netflix, if you're not satisfied, we guarantee your money back. Say goodbye to t-shirt shopping hassles and hello to effortless style delivered right to your doorstep.

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Guys as Legendary as You

  • Ryan

    "This is a no brainer for a busy dad. I don't want to think about it, I just want a bloody good t-shirt when I need it. With Lennox Label I get that."


  • Josh

    "These t-shirts are actually so F*%king good. Soft, fit well, don't shrink, great price, nothing more to say. I am seriously shocked"


  • Riley

    "My wife no longer asks me to go shopping for some new clothes. I can't stress how good that feels getting my Sunday back"


  • Josh

    "I started Lennox Label for us. The guys who just want an easier life, love a plain tee and hate shopping. Easy, quick and hassle free."


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Check out our

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your t-shirts so good?

We think we have the best tee's in Australia and thats because we didn't just get some crappy tees from china we tried over 100 factories around the world, what did we come up with?

  • 100% ringspun combed Cotton
  • Pre-shrunk material - Men & women love that we minimising shrinkage!
  • Built to last - double needle hems, shoulder taping and attention to detail.
  • Styles that fit men properly, we researched t-shirts back to the 19th century to get our shapes right!
  • Colours that are clean, fresh and stylish.

This list could go on forever, once you try our tee make sure you let us know what you love about them.

Can I try it out first?

Well of course any tee you buy if you try it on and you aren't happy return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

Can I pick my colour each month?

Yes of course you can, choose your colour, size or style, skies the limit.

What is the Trendy option?

Trendy is a fashionable colour we will pick each month based on the latest trends for the season. We add new colours to our collection constantly but we send them to our subscribers first!

Where are they packaged and dispatched?

Our Tee's are packed and dispatched right here on Aussie shores. In-between surf and skate sessions across Lennox Head beaches we are working hard to get your orders out.

What if I don't want a t-shirt every month?

Not ready for a t-shirt this month. Just pause in your subscription manager account and unpause when you are ready for your next one.