Australia's First and Only Premium Plain T-shirt Subscription.


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    Select your size, style, colour and frequency starting from only $30.

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    Delivered fast and for free, to your door, as often as you would like.

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Effie Zahos - "Netflix for T-shirts"

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Why You Need A T-Shirt Subscription

✔️ Never be bored shopping again

✔️ Always have a clean, fresh tee for the month ahead

✔️ Spend more time doing the things you love

✔️ Stay on trend with the latest colours

✔️ Budgeting your clothing spend is easy

✔️ Stress free shopping experience

✔️ Slowly update your wardrobe (We promise your partner will thank you)

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What is Lennox Label?

Lennox Label are the new kids on the block, we are Australia's first and only premium plain t-shirt subscription service. Lennox Label designed the perfect model for t-shirt lovers as we live and breathe convenience, comfort and style.

Our subscription (The Lennox Label Club) starts at only $30 a month. We deliver the best plain t-shirts with free shipping to your door in your chosen style, colour and size.

There are no lock-in contracts or pesky fine print. Only bloody good t-shirts, discounts, free gifts, referral codes, free shipping and complete control of your subscription.

How It Works

Lennox Label T-shirts

Lennox Label t-shirts are loved all around Australia. Why? Because they are:

✔️ 100% Cotton
✔️ Buttery Soft
✔️ Pre-shrunk
✔️ Ethically Made
✔️ Long Lasting

And we offer:

✔️ Free Shipping (Subscriptions only)
✔️ Free Returns
✔️ Money Back Guarantee

You just can't beat Lennox Label tee's! Buy them on subscription or individually, either way we know you will love them.

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How Do We Stack up Against Australia's Best?

Pretty damn good we think!

Everyone wears and loves plain t-shirts and that is why we wanted to do something different with our's.

We took everything we love about the biggest clothing brands in Australia and made it better, cheaper and more convenient.

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