Our Story

The Beginning

Lennox Label was started in 2021 by Joshua Seage an avid t-shirt enthusiasts, who hates shopping, but loves new tees. Josh loves to surf, skate, adventure and celebrate with his mates.

But what led him to start Lennox Label was the drive to do more of what he loves, and less of what he doesn't. He looked for areas in life where he could save time and improve quality.

Like many, Josh and his mates have struggled to find a t-shirt that works for them, and when they did, they certainly didn't want to waste time or money going to the shops or paying through the roof for shipping. It is time and money they would rather spend on the good things in life.

Josh spent months searching for a high quality Australian owned plain t-shirt subscription that could deliver the boys great t-shirts with the right fit and without all the effort. Once he realised that the dream didn't exist. He created It.

Australia's first and only premium plain t-shirt subscription was born and it aims to bring the simple and relaxed lifestyle we live in Lennox Head, to t-shirt lovers across Australia.

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Our Values

COMFORT - Experience the premium comfort of Lennox Label. Our t-shirts are meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using premium fabrics that provide a soft and cozy feel against your skin. Embrace comfort like never before as our garments effortlessly conform to your body, ensuring a blissful wearing experience that sets us apart.

STYLE - Elevate your style with Lennox Label. Our premium t-shirts seamlessly blend contemporary trends with timeless sophistication. Each design is carefully curated to make a statement, allowing you to express your unique fashion sense effortlessly. Discover a world of style possibilities and redefine your wardrobe with Lennox Label’s fashion-forward collection.

QUALITY - Premium quality is the cornerstone of Lennox Label. Our t-shirts undergo meticulous craftsmanship and are constructed with premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. From the impeccable stitching to the attention to detail, every aspect of our garments exudes exceptional quality. Trust in Lennox Label to provide you with t-shirts that reflect our unwavering commitment to premium quality.

Our T-shirts

Our T-shirts bring together the finest cotton and professional tailoring to create the perfect fit and feel. We believe in premium quality, care, and creating t-shirts that everyone can enjoy. Fashionable, trendy, and inspired looks, each t-shirt represents what we love about the Lennox lifestyle and we hope they'll be loved by you too.

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