The T-Shirt Saving Millennials Hundreds of Dollars a Year

The T-Shirt Saving Millennials Hundreds of Dollars a Year

Millenials have been labelled as the biggest spenders on clothing ever! Research shows that on t-shirts alone, the average male under 30 is spending over $500 a year.

Why so much?

Colours and trends in fashion change faster than the seasons, every month there seems to be a new colour or new way to wear your clothes. There is no wonder millenials are spending a lot of money on clothes, they want to feel good, look good and be on trend with the latest in fashion. Who are we to judge?

Here to help

Australia's first premium plain t-shirt subscription Lennox Label acknowledges the rapid changing in colours and trends, they know that people want to buy and wear good quality clothing. Lennox Label created the Lennox Label Club to break the traditional shopping trend, bringing premium, high quality stylish and fashionable tees to people at an affordable cost in a subscription model starting at $30 a month.

Who is it for?

The Lennox Label Club is for anyone who loves high quality t-shirts, keeping up with trends, simple shopping, saving money and hate shipping costs. We spoke to a now Lennox Label Club member Daniel who is 25 from Cronulla who admitted to buying at least a plain T-shirt every month at around $50 each.

Daniel told us "I pay for the quality, And I like my White shirts looking fresh."

The review

Lennox Label hooked Daniel up with a monthly subscription which would save him $240 a year. Daniel started with the Modern Fit and a Trendy Colour package. We asked him what he thought and he told us:

"The shirts are sick, such a good fit and they feel amazing. It's perfect that I can change my package every month too, sometimes I just need that extra plain white tee. I would seriously recommend Lennox Label to anyone."

Daniel is one of many happy Lennox Label customers. With the zero risk money back model they offer, the brand is rapidly growing and bringing on new customers wanting to join the exclusive Lennox Label Club.


Lennox label gets it, fashion and trends are expensive, shipping costs suck, shopping all the time is a hassle and quality good fitting tees are hard to come by. Millennials may be the biggest spenders but they are also the savioust shoppers with over 70% of Lennox Label Club members falling into that generation and reaping all the incredible benefits of being a part of a premium plain t-shirt subscription.


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