What to Wear with a Black T-shirt

What to Wear with a Black T-shirt

Black t-shirts are a wardrobe essential that can be easily dressed up or down. When it comes to Black or White tees the fit is essential and It’s hard to go wrong with a Black tee when the fit is right.

The Fit

A good fitting tee should hug the body to accentuate your best features. It shouldn't be so tight it sticks to your skin or so loose two of you could wear it - check out Lennox Label's Classic and Modern tees to find the fit that suit most body types.

Casual Dress

It’s hard to go wrong with a Black tee, but we recommend pairing it with lighter natural colours such as beige or Tan.

One of our favourite casual looks is wearing them with blue denim fitted shorts or Jeans with a nice pair of black or white sneakers.

Smart Casual

Dressing up the black tee is simple. Where it casual like above and then throw a neutral coloured open jacket or shirt over the top. Consider a tan bomber jacket or a Beige cotton Shirt.


Don’t be afraid to try black on black on black it can be a really nice sleek look, black is a slimming colour and wearing it from top to bottom with a tailor chino and black sneakers will shred the look of extra kilos off of you without stepping foot in a gym.

Fashion forward

For a more fashion forward style try our black tee with olive chinos for both stylish and easy-to-wear outfit. To add a sense of stylish nonchalance to this ensemble, introduce white athletic shoes to the fit.


You will struggle to go wrong with a black tee if the fit is right for your body. Black t-shirts are an essential wardrobe colour as there is rarely a combo it wont work with. Check out Lennox Label to find the right fit for you.

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