What to Wear with a White T-shirt

What to Wear with a White T-shirt

The essential white t-shirt should be in every wardrobe as it can be worn with almost anything. But very similar to a black t-shirt the fit matters and finding the right fit for you couldn't be easier with Lennox Labels Classic and Modern tees.


Match a white t-shirt with a pair of black shorts or darker coloured chinos for an essential and classic look.

Pairing a white crew-neck t-shirt with navy jeans is also a smart idea for a casual yet seriously stylish outfit. Add a pair of brown suede casual boots to the mix to immediately dial up the fashion factor of any look. If you want to keep it more casual a nice clean pair of white shoes will work too.

Smart Casual

White tees are great for layering so whip out your throw over or party shirts (Any colour) and put it over the tee unbuttoned.


Wearing white tees to more formal occasions is becoming more and more popular. To master the look choose a clean well ironed white tee and match it with tailored pants, relaxed jacket or coat made of light natural materials to achieve the relaxed formal look.


The most important part of a white shirt is making sure it is clean and nicely fitted, meet those requirements and the rest of the outfit will almost certainly look great. Lennox Label's monthly subscription service is a great option for making sure you have fresh white tee ready for all occasions.
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