Choose your size and style

Simply select your size, colour preference and favourite t-shirt style. Add as many as you like from $30 per tee.

Choose how often

Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly! Monthly is our most popular (it also has the biggest discount) and you’ll never miss out on the latest colour trend.


Free and right to your door! The second you slide into your fresh tee, you will instantly notice the soft comfortable cotton and won't want to take it off.

Keeping it fresh

Experience that feeling again. On the same date the following month, we’ll send you a fresh tee. Just keep your subscription on renew and that great fresh tee feeling never ends.

You're the boss

That’s right! Pause, cancel, change sizes, colours, add styles or adjust the frequency your t-shirt arrives. This is all free and keeps you in control.

  • Free Shipping

    No matter how many t-shirts you want, shipping will be on us anywhere in Australia.

  • Massive Savings

    For the life of your subscription you will get discounts at 25, 20 or 15% off our t-shirts. 

  • Referral Codes

    Throughout your subscription you have the opportunity to earn rewards for you and your referred friends.

  • You're The Boss

    We work for you! You have complete control of how your subscription works and can manage it online.

  • No More Shopping

    Our club members favourite. The time and hassle of going to the shops is no more.

  • Style Tips

    Whether you want to dress up or down, we have the fashion tips for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your t-shirts so good?

We think we have the best tee's in Australia and our customers agree.

▪️100% Combed Cotton - so soft it's like a cuddle.

▪️Pre-shrunk material - Men & women love that we minimising shrinkage!

▪️Built to last - double needle hems and attention to detail.

▪️Styles that fit men properly!

▪️Colours that are clean, fresh and stylish.

This list could go on forever, once you try our tee make sure you let us know what you love about them.

Can I try it out first?

Although we can't send you a t-shirt to try out. We offer money back and free returns on your first order. You can also order a one off t-shirt if the idea of subscriptions worry you. However if you sign up for the subscription you will save 25%, get free shipping and can just cancel after your first month. (Although, we know you'll stay)

Can I pick my colour each month?

At his stage we only offer three colour options to choose from.

White - Black - Trendy

You can switch between these three options each month to get the t-shirt you want in your subscription manager.

What is the Trendy option?

Trendy is a fashionable colour our fashion curators will pick each month based on the latest trends for the season. We have over 50 Colours to choose from and will continue to build on this in the future.

If you need more certainty with your colours you can select White or Black at anytime in the Subscription Manager.

Where are they packaged and dispatched?

Our Tee's are packed and dispatched right here on Aussie shores. In-between surf and skate sessions across Lennox Head beaches our packing and distribution team is working hard to get your orders out.

What if I don't want a t-shirt every month?

We've got you covered. We have bi-monthly and quarterly options to suit those that aren't hardcore plain tee junkies like some of us.

Otherwise sign up to the monthly, pause, skip and change your delivery dates. Get tee's when and how you want them