How my t-shirt obsession almost broke my relationship

How my t-shirt obsession almost broke my relationship

Is there such thing as too many t-shirts? I think I probably own too many. I’m a t-shirt hoarder, music and band tees, novelties, Christmas theme, beer shirts, t-shirts that I don’t even know how I got them. I just can’t throw them and have the most elaborate reasons to keep them. My most common excuse is “I will use this when I paint”. I am an engineer, I don’t paint. So, when do I wear these tees? Well, I don’t. They keep my draw full and work as a base for the same six plain t-shirts that I have worn on repeat for the last few years.

Now despite my addiction to t-shirts, I have recently acquired a serious girlfriend (told you I could do it mum). With all the joy, it hasn’t come without its problems. I’m not the buttoned up, well dressed, dapper kind of guy. I’m simple, I hate shopping and love wearing t-shirts. But I have come to learn my partner prefers me a little more, groomed, or stylish and well this has led to a few arguments. So, to avoid escalation, I have become more particular about what I’m wearing around her.

My trusty Industry plain white tee with a small goon stain from last Australia Day, just isn’t going to cut it anymore. But I’m not wearing button-downs and jeans to keep her happy, it’s just not me! I needed to find a t-shirt we could both agree on, something a little classier, with a more tailored fit, I wouldn’t sacrifice on comfort and didn’t want them to cost a limb.

Lennox Label saved my relationship

I found my solution in Lennox Label, a new t-shirt subscription service in Australia that I’ve been testing for the past 3 months. The whole process was easy, I chose my colour – Trendy (They pick for me based on fashion trends), fit – Modern (If it’s the most popular tee, I can’t go wrong), and size – Medium (I am 5’10” 75 Kgs) with these preferences and the stylists at Lennox Labels help. I received my first tee; I didn’t need to step foot in a shop with free shipping straight to my door. So, what arrived? A bold and clean navy t-shirt that was fitted around my upper body and looser around the bottom.

To be honest I never cared much for the fit of a t-shirt, all I knew was I didn’t like it to choke me, didn’t want it to look like a dress and my girlfriend wanted it to be complimenting to my body and clean.
Oh, how my perception on a good t-shirt fit changed after slipping into this modern tee. I was really impressed with how the shirts looked and felt. They’re 100% cotton and seriously soft. I genuinely looked slimmer, my beer belly was barely noticeable. Most importantly, my girlfriend loved it! So much so, she bought her dad a gift subscription for Christmas. ‘Don’t know why she wants me to look like her father, but we will let that slide for now’.

First impressions last

My first impression was amazing. But it felt like the good news never stopped coming, and it didn’t. Every month when a new tee would arrive a spark of happiness would come over me. But my next big realisation was that these premium plain t-shirts were pre-shrunk. Do you know what that means? It means I can slap it in the drier and it doesn’t come out looking two sizes smaller. I didn’t even realise pre-shrunk t-shirts were a thing, but now that I do, is there any going back?

The bottom line

I’ve started wearing Lennox Label t-shirts so frequently that it’s got to the point where I am ready to clear space in the wardrobe to make room for a lifetime of fresh Lennox Label tee’s. After all, there are over 50 colours and the Pokémon enthusiast inside tells me, ‘I Gotta Catch ‘em all’.

I think it’s time to say goodbye and donate these t-shirts to people who will use them. Keep a lookout in your local Salvo’s for my vintage ACDC shirt, big hole just above the left nipple. Or save your money and say goodbye to the hoarder within and sign up for Lennox Label subscription to get t-shirts you’ll wear.

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